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  Three shows from 2018 and 2019 have been added.  


Live Recordings 1997-1998
5-28-97 Boston, MA @ Mama Kin's 11-22-97 St. Louis @ The American Theater 4-3-98 Combined Locks, WI @ Ryan's Ballroom
Intro Intro Intro
We Belong Had Enough We Belong
Stale We Belong Nothing's Wrong
Don't Understand Nothing's Wrong Stale
Favorite Kind Of Love Nephew Don't Understand-Intro
Looking For Stale Don't Understand
Train Lady Bug Lady Bug
  Blindman Spaceman
  Until Now Had Enough
  Velvet Elvis Looking For
  Heaven Don't Wanna Be Here Anymore
  Only A Dream Moon
  Drum Solo Velvet Elvis
  Don't Understand Train
  Favorite Kind Of Love Crazy Train
  Moon One Angel
  Looking For  
  One Angel  
  Synchronicity II  
  Crazy Train  


  Live Recordings 1999-2000  
4-23-99 Combined Locks, WI @ Ryan's Ballroom 5-1-99 St. Louis, MO @ The Side Door 2-24-00 in San Diego, CA.
Train Holy Dogs Superstation
We Belong Looking For Climbing The Walls
Stale Help Looking For
Velvet Elvis Don't Understand-Intro Velvet Elvis
Don't Understand-Intro Don't Understand Don't Understand
Don't Understand Lady Bug Only A Dream
Spaceman Superstitious/ Hope You're Feeling Better Help
Lady Bug Clear Spaceman
Moon Until Now New Beginning
Looking For Ten Dances Time
Superstation Stop Killing Me One Angel
One Angel Spaceman Holy Dogs
Stop Killing Me One Angel Crazy Train
Holy Dogs Crazy Train  
Crazy Train    
Synchronicity II    


Live Recordings 2000-2001
9-3-00 Taste Of Madison Festival in Madison, WI. 11-22-00 @ The Pageant in St. Louis MO. 1-28-01 @ The Pageant in St. Louis, MO.
Intro Intro Intro
Instrumental Superstation Holy Dogs
Superstation Climbing The Walls Superstation
Looking For Velvet Elvis Looking For
Stale Instrumental Lady Bug
Nephew Spaceman New Beginning
Help Help Nothing's Wrong
Young Lust Stop Killing Me Had Enough
New Beginning Nephew Climbing The Walls
Holy Dogs Don't Understand One Angel
Stop Killing Me Lady Bug Run Like Hell
Climbing The Walls Only A Dream
Crazy Train Grounded  
  Looking For  
  Holy Dogs  
  New Beginning  
  One Angel  
  Crazy Train  


Live Recordings 2002
July 5th 2002 on The Landing in St. Louis, MO. 10-11-02 @Mississippi Nights in St Louis, MO. 12-21-02 @ The Pageant in St. Louis, MO.
Sweet Child O'Mine Intro Intro
Superstation Down Without You
Climbing The Walls Superstation Looking For
Velvet Elvis Looking For First Time
Not The Only One Climbing The Walls Not The Only One
What You Do Velvet Elvis Holy Dogs
Lady Bug Holy Dogs What You Do
First Time Not The Only One Hello
Holy Dogs Hold On Superstation
Skeletons First Time Velvet Elvis
Hold On Lady Bug New Beginning
Looking For Spaceman Baba O'Riley (Aborted-guitar problem)
One Angel Skeletons One Angel
New Beginning What You Do  
Crazy Train New Beginning  
  One Angel  
  Baba O'Riley


Westwood One Live Recordings 2003 Live Recordings 2005
May 2000 in San Diego, CA. with Train. 5-30-03 @ The Pageant in St. Louis, MO. 11-26-05 @ The Pageant in St. Louis MO.
Superstation Velvet Elvis Acoustic performance by Andy & Kevin with Craig & Jeff from Tobi Kai & the Strays.
Climbing The Walls Looking For Intro
New Beginning Climbing The Walls Climbing The Walls
Holy Dogs What You Do Velvet Elvis
Crazy Train Lady Bug Ten Dances
Hold On Until Now
I re-encoded this show into mp3 format, edited out the commercials, cleaned up the audio and encoded each song as it's own file. Clear Clear
Wake Up Hold On
  Superstation Skeletons
Spaceman One Angel
  Holy Dogs  
  Not The Only One  
  New Beginning  
  One Angel  
  Baba O'Riley  


  The reunion of Stir  
Wayback Pointfest 2016 Delmar Hall-Grand Opening 2016 Heritage & Freedom Fest 2018
7-9-16 @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in St. Louis, MO. 9-30-16 @ Delmar Hall in St. Louis, MO. 7-4-18 @ CarShield Field in O'Fallon, MO
Holy Dogs Intro Intro
Looking For We Belong Holy Dogs
Lady Bug Stale Looking For
Hold On Looking For Lady Bug
Kashmir Skeletons Hold On
Spaceman Climbing The Walls Clear
One Angel Spaceman Ten Dances
Climbing the Walls Until Now Climbing The Walls
Velvet Elvis Star One Angel
New Beginning Ten Dances Velvet Elvis
  Clear Train
Interview with 105.7 The Point DJ Donny Fandango backstage Steve's Song (Free From It All) Won't Get Fooled Again
One Angel  
  Follow Me  
  Where The Streets Have No Name  
  Velvet Elvis  
  Drum Solo  
  Don't Understand  
  Nothing's Wrong  
  Lady Bug  
  New Beginning  
  Star (Hey, Hey, Hey)  
  Holy Dogs  
  Don't You (Forget About Me)



House Of Blues-Acoustic Wayback Pointfest 2019  
11-10-18 @ House of Blues in Chicago, IL. 8-31-19 @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in St. Louis, MO.  
Intro Intro  
Velvet Elvis Innocent You Are  
Looking For Holy Dogs  
Clear Looking For  
One Angel Lady Bug  
Hold On Hold On  
  Climbing The Walls  
  Won't Get Fooled Again  
Radio & Interviews
Rockline 5-12-97 Rockline 5-13-00 KSHE-95 on 4-7-06
Recorded live on Rockline in Los Angeles. Recorded live on Rockline from Chicago. Andy's interview and a solo acoustic performance of "Clear" on KSHE 95.
I recorded the interview and performance to transcribe for the old site.  Rockline sent me a CD copy of the show back in 2000 to post on the old site.   
Interview Interview Interview
Looking For Clear Clear
Until Now Climbing The Walls
Ten Dances Read the Interview
One Angel  
Take Me To The Moon  
Read the interview  

*I edited out the commercials and encoded each song as it's own file*

Independent Releases
The Choice- Simple Thoughts (1991) The Choice - Fall (1993) Until Now (1995)
Prior to releasing Fall, The Choice recorded a cassette tape and handed it out at shows.   It was named Simple Thoughts. Andy, Kevin & Brad's previous band before becoming a trio and being renamed Stir. Self released in limited quantities.
Originally meant to be used only as demos.
Heard From Another One In The Spirit Innocent You Are
Into Minds Euphoria Stale
Jon Done Sinned I See Through Something Better
Original Plot Tomorrow Until Now
Simple Thoughts Waterfall Home
Stop Fakin Heard The Story Morning
The Choice America, Farewell We Belong
There For You Fall Star
Turn of a Phrase Cover Art Pull
What Is Love   Ten Dances
Cover Art 10,000 Cheerios (Slide)
    Nothing's Wrong
Until Now (Acoustic)
    Cover Art


Major Label Recordings

Stir  (self titled debut on Aware Records) Holy Dogs  (2nd  release on Capitol Records) Untitled, Unmastered & Unemployed
This album will not be posted since it's still available for purchase. This album will not be posted since it's still available for purchase. The Unreleased 3rd Album.
Buy on iTunes Buy on Amazon Buy on iTunes Buy on Amazon  
We Belong Superstation Without You
Stale Climbing The Walls Hello
One Angel Velvet Elvis Hold On
Nephew New Beginning What You Do
Looking For Only A Dream Tonight
Lady Bug Spaceman Skeletons
Star Stop Killing Me Wake Up
Nothing's Wrong Help Not The Only One
Don't Understand Grounded Follow Me
Until Now Moon Beautiful Failure
Train Clear Satellite
Ten Dances Holy Dogs Star (Hey, Hey, Hey)
    Baba O'Riley
  Meet Me In St. Louis Outtakes and Demos from unreleased album
  Rare Promo CD recorded live on 1-26-2000 with St. Louis radio station 105.7 The Point Gravity
  Only A Dream Monday Morning
  Velvet Elvis Little Dream
  Time  * Mexican Dream
  One Angel * Ave Maria
  Cover Art * Waving
    First Time
    Had Enough (rough demo)
    Leave This Place (rough demo)
    * Song title corrections *
 Provided by Kevin Gagnepain
Mexican Dream (aka Don't You Feel Good)
Ave Maria (aka I Adore)
Waving (aka Still Waiting)


Videos Laclede's Landing July 5th, 2002 Washington Street Music Festival 1999
Stir Music Videos Fair St. Louis performance in 2002 Live on Washington Street in St. Louis
  MP4 format  
   One Angel Laclede's Landing Washington Street Music Festival
   New Beginning    
   Climbing The Walls  
Break This -Stir Cover Story    
In Bloom- Nirvana Cover from VH-1 The List


El Monstero Y Los Masked Avengers
Wish You Were Here - A Tribute To Pink Floyd (2005)
Recorded live at The Pageant in St. Louis, MO. on 12-22-05
Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Intro Comfortably Numb Time
In The Flesh Run Like Hell The Great Gig In The Sky
The Thin Ice Set Intro Money
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1) Pigs On The Wing (Part 1) Us And Them
The Happiest Days Of Our Lives Shine On You Crazy Diamond Any Colour You Like
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) Welcome To The Machine Brain Damage
Mother Have A Cigar Eclipse
Goodbye Blue Sky Learning To Fly Band Intros
Empty Spaces Pigs On The Wing (Part 2) In The Flesh
Young Lust Speak To Me / Breathe Wish You Were Here
One Of My Turns On The Run  
Hey You
Is There Anybody Out There    
Nobody Home    
Bring The Boys Back Home    

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